Community Library


The Community Library is an open space where children of all ages are exposed to culture and knowledge, through different means. The main aim is to make reading a habit, if not a passion, as reading is an essential condition to access knowledge. Also, writing is encouraged as an important tool for expression and exchange. Reading and writing activities are supplemented with access to computers and the Internet, as well as guidance on how to use these tools to independently learn what one feels passion for.


The youth program, which falls under the Library, caters to participants over the age of 16. On one hand, it works on developing the self and social awareness of youth as key conditions for positive engagement with the community. On the other hand, it provides youth with tools, support, space and opportunities to realize their own projects.


Community Library pillars:


Reading skills: Developing a habit and love for reading as well as learning how to get information from books, while exposing them to a big variety of them.


Creative writing: Learning to write, and to use writing as a tool to express themselves and develop their imagination and creativity.


Computer literacy: Learning how to use the computer and the Internet to fulfill many purposes including research, acquiring knowledge and communicating with the rest of the world.


CultureCulture and acquiring knowledge is an omnipresent pillar in all our activities, and in the space itself.


Youth program: Developing youth’s skills, encouraging them to know themselves and interact with the society while giving them the space to apply and create.