Art Center


Alwan wa Awtar believes that art is a fundamental tool for self-expression and self-exploration. Practicing arts enhances cognitive abilities and contributes to the development of many skills such as observation, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are essential in all aspects of life.


Furthermore, we believe that art is conducive for the right learning environment which in turn has a positive impact on acquisition of life-long learning skills that promote choice and freedom of expression. It also promotes respect for difference of opinion and abilities and creates a cooperative environment that encourages discussion and analysis.


Alwan wa Awtar hosts an Arts center that provides a venue for children and youth to discover and express themselves through various art activities. Through socially committed artists, the center offers a number of art classes, which include, but are not limited to, musical instruments, arts and crafts, drama, drawing/painting, mosaic, photography, pottery, recycling, puppet making and theatre, choir and tap dancing.


The courses are supplemented with children's performances within the community as well as in other cultural venues throughout Egypt. Alwan wa Awtar also organizes field visits to museums, concerts and other events to further enhance their understanding and appreciation for art and culture.


The art center works through two main pillars:

  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts

Visual Arts:

Painting a landscape, making a necklace, or learning how to use a potter’s wheel can open doors to new kinds of artistic expression for children young people.

Alwan wa Awtar Arts center provides a diversity of visual arts activities that enable children to express themselves through a number of diverse media: including painting, drawing, embroidery, jewelry and accessory design and making, crochet, photography, pottery, tie-dye, candle making  and others.


Free space activities:

In addition to the regular activities, we provide space during the day for children to do thing activities on their own, drawing, painting, coloring, making collages and working with clay, etc.


Performing arts:


Theater & Drama:

Different forms of theater are offered to children and youth throughout the year during which many discover their artistic talent and express themselves. Drama also has the unique ability to tackle issues that are not easily addressed in other circumstances.


Activities include: theater of the oppressed, creating a theater group, education through drama, mime workshops, modern dance and free movement workshops.



Instrumental and vocal music at Alwan wa Awtar Arts Center provides an outlet for individual and ensemble performance. Students learn to collaborate while playing and singing with others, as well as learning music theoryw and developing critical thinking skills as they master their individual instruments.


The Arts Center offers instruction in various instruments including piano, violin, guitar, , drums, oud, and more, in addition to percussion workshops. Participants are also required to practice on their own at the music room at least once a week


And in general, performing arts provides participants with various opportunities to perform their talents in public spaces through concerts, street performances and open mic events..